Thanks for your message. Please let us know which phones you have and which Android/IOS version, maybe it has something to do with that.  And please try the steps below, maybe that will help you to connect.

It is very important that all the steps are performed in the order described in the manual. This means: Start with the installation of the parent unit on the wifi first, then the installation on the smartphone. Is this done the other way around? Then just reset the camera (there is a button at the bottom, press it for about 10 seconds). And so we start again. I would advise you to do this first, so you can't go wrong! :)

1: On the parent unit, press the + in the screen. Then choose connect wifi and follow the steps in the screen. When the parents' unit and the camera are connected via wifi, you can start connecting the camera to your smartphone.

2: Next step is the smartphone: First, switch off the wifi and mobile data on your phone. Then go to the app: You press the + in the app to add the camera and you choose the code of your camera (this is on the bottom of the camera). The app will now take a few seconds to register the camera. Once the camera has registered with the app, you can switch your wifi and mobile data back on.

-Turn off mobile data on the mobile phone. 

Newer mobile phones automatically switch back to the mobile data connection if you are connected via wifi to the DIVM-550 and no internet is detected.

-In the latest Android update Android has introduced a requirement that you must have your location turned on to use the wifi, please turn your location on on your mobile.

It could also be that your wifi password is too long and/or contains punctuation.

You could try simplifying the wifi password and then try again.

If this doesn't work, I need some more information from you in order to help you further.

Please find below the following information I would need;

1: At what step of logging in the camera to your wifi network does the process get stuck?

2: What kind of smartphone are you using? An Android or an IOS?

3: what brand and model of router/wifi are you using? 

4: Do you have multiple routers connected in a row?

Please note that the password of the home Wi-Fi network may also need to be simplified.

If the camera is successfully connected to the home Wi-Fi network, it should be possible to access the camera from outside.

If this is not the case, you can check your router to see if you can find the camera in your network and adjust the properties/restrictions of the camera.

Make sure that the UpNp box is ticked. This ensures that the router opens the ports assigned to the camera and that the camera is allowed in the firewall.

I hope that the above information will help you.