Always annoying when something breaks, luckily you can easily find out what's wrong with your DBX-111 by following the steps below.

It is unlikely that the parent unit itself is defective, it is more likely that there is something wrong with the settings or that there are

more likely is that there is something wrong with the settings or that there are disturbing environmental conditions.

You can figure this out for yourself by following the steps below:

 First make sure that the adapter is not connected.

Then open the cover at the bottom of the parents' unit.

Check whether the plug that connects the battery to the parents' unit is properly connected.

If this is not the case or if you have doubts, remove the plug and reinsert it to make sure it makes good contact with the battery when you insert it.

Make sure the battery is placed, close the battery door and connect the adapter.

You may now switch on the parent unit.

  • The units may be too far apart, bring them closer together
  • The unit might be switched off due to VOX, check if VOX is switched on, switch it off if necessary.
  • The volume of the parent unit might be at 0, check the volume
  • It is possible that the parent or baby unit is in the vicinity of an electromagnetic field, this can interfere with the signal. If this is the case, try relocating the parent and/or baby unit or, if possible, relocate the source of interference.
  • If all is well, disconnect the adapters from the mains, remove the rechargeable battery from the parents' unit, wait a minute and put everything back. Switch the parent and baby units back on.

If the problem remains after the above steps have been taken, it may be that the DBX-111 is faulty and should be sent for repair.

You can do this by filling in a repair form using this link.

With this form we have all the information to help you.

Please make sure you clearly state your complaint, so our technicians know what to look for when repairing the unit.

If you have additional questions, you can always contact us via this website. Please mention the complaint clearly so we can help you.