Always annoying when there are problems with your baby monitor.

The battery life of the DVM-275 / DBV-2700 LUX baby monitor can be affected by several factors. Here are some  important aspects you can consider to optimise battery life:

  • Use of the VOX function: The VOX function, which activates the baby monitor when sound is detected, can significantly extend battery life because the device is not continuously active.

  • Range of connection: The distance between the parent unit and the baby unit can also affect the battery life. When the units are further apart, it may require more power to maintain a stable connection, which consumes more battery.

  • Screen brightness and volume: Screen brightness on the parent unit and the volume at which the audio is played are both important factors. Higher brightness and volume require more energy, which can deplete the battery faster.

By managing these factors, you can improve your baby monitor's battery life and ensure it remains functional when you need it most. 

If these factors do not give improvements to the baby monitor's battery life, the battery may be faulty. This is located internally in the parent unit and should be replaced by our mechanics. To do this, you can register the baby monitor for repair on our website.