The DVM-64 operates at 2,4 GHz, this is a frequency that is used a lot in houses, also by other devices such as Wi-Fi. Given the increasing amount of wireless equipment in the house, the chance that this equipment will have an influence on each other is growing. This can happen in many ways, such as interference, no sound or no image or no connection. Often, by switching off the interfering equipment or changing the channel, the connection problem can be solved. 

We can solve problems with defective components for you, by repairing them or sending them to you, but connection is always a local matter and can vary from one home to another.

It could be, for example, that if you have your wifi set to automatic, the modem has changed its wifi channel to one with a frequency close to that of your baby monitor. You can test this by completely disconnecting the modem from the power supply, and see what the connection of the set does then. If it is better, you can lock your wifi to another channel, which will probably improve the baby monitor's connection as well. If this does not improve the connection, then try the set in someone else's house. If the connection is better there, you know that the set is willing, but that there is still something interfering with the set in your home.

If the set does the same thing at a different location and it is still covered by the 2-year guarantee, you can report it for repair via our website.