It is always annoying when you cannot connect to your camera. This is often because settings in your modem need to be changed. The following points may offer a solution.

  • Put the camera on link and wait a moment; the camera needs a moment to record and configure the settings.  If the light is still not green after 2 to 5 minutes, something is wrong.
  • It is possible that you are not filling in your Wi-Fi password correctly; it is case-sensitive and it is also possible that special punctuation marks are used in the Wi-Fi password and that the camera cannot work with all of them. (max 10 digits and/or letters and no punctuation)
  • If the light turns green but there is still no connection from the outside (outside your own network), you may need to set up port forwarding in the router. (This means telling the router where the camera's signal may go and allowing the app's signals to reach the camera directly from the internet). 

-This is usually done by entering the router's IP address without the www symbol in an internet browser. (For more information, see your router's manual).

-Once you are in the router, look up the camera's IP address and make it static, which means that the router will always assign the same IP address to the camera.

 -After the camera's IP address has been made static, port forwarding must be set up for the camera.  The port number is 80 and must be forwarded via UDP. (To find out how to set this up, read the router's manual or contact your internet service provider).

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