It's always annoying when something breaks, but fortunately the steps below make it easy to find out what's wrong.

It is unlikely that the parent unit itself is defective, it is more likely that there is something wrong with one of the components.

You can figure this out yourself by following the steps below:

Try connecting another power adapter with a micro usb connection. 

Does the screen still not charge after connecting another power adapter with a micro usb connection?

Then it is possible that there is another defect with your monitor, your unit must be sent in for repair. You can send in your unit for repair via the following link.

If the monitor does charge, the power adapter is probably defective.

In many cases we have parts in stock so we can help you.

If you still have warranty, please submit a repair request via this link:

 Of course this is not a repair, but with this form we have all the information we need to help you.

Please make sure that you clearly state in the description of the complaint that a new adapter will help you.

We will then immediately send you one if it is in stock.

If your warranty has expired, it is possible to purchase spare parts through our website. 

The adapter for the DVM-260 can be found here.

If you have any additional questions, you can always contact us via this website

Please make sure to clearly state your question or complaint so that we can provide you with the best possible service.