Alecto's SMARTBABY5 and 10 is an advanced wifi baby monitor that gives you an excellent option to monitor your baby. However, because the baby monitor is securely linked to a wifi router, it is not ideally suited to frequent location changes.

If you want to use the baby monitor in a new location, for example at family or friends' homes, the installation process has to be gone through again to connect to the router. This way, the baby monitor learns the router settings such as SSID and password to successfully connect to the internet. To do this, first perform a reset so that the baby monitor goes into login mode. 

Note that smart products can only connect with a 2.4 Ghz signal. Contact your provider if you have additional questions about this. The very best is to create with a separate IoT network if your router has this capability.

If you need help resetting or reinstalling, other FAQs and our customer support team are happy to guide you through the process."