How annoying that you have connection problems with the DVM-200

The DVM-200 works with the following frequency: Frequency 2.4Ghz FHSS Digital. 

Perhaps there is something affecting the connection. Do you use solar panels at home? Sometimes such complaints depend on the situation. Solar panels and microwaves interfere with baby monitors, but also good insulation, pipes and/or support beams that go through walls/ceilings can influence the wireless signals. In some cases, the neighbours have equipment in their homes that interferes with wireless signals, as a result of which the baby monitor's operation is affected. This baby monitor also works on the same frequency as many (internet) modems and wifi amplifiers. If necessary, you can set the modem to a different channel. Consult your provider about this.  


If you can exclude all these factors, you can also try to test the baby monitor in another house. Does the baby monitor work there? Did you test the baby monitor and did it work fine, but the range decreased after some time, then there might be a defect in the set. In that case, we are of course happy to help you and we will always look for a good solution together, within the warranty period. Report the set at: