The unit cannot delete cameras individually, all cameras must be deleted, after which cameras can be registered again.

The removal procedure is as follows: 

1> All registered cameras must be on

2> The parent unit must be switched off

3> Press and hold the "▲" button on the parents unit, now turn on the parents unit, after a few seconds "TEST MODE" will appear in the display, release the "▲" button.

4> On the parents unit press the "MENU" button 6 times until "DELETE CAM PARA" appears on the display.

5> Briefly press the power button on the parent unit to confirm, the display will show the following, BS 1 BS 2...until all cameras are deleted and then display "DELETE OK".

6> Press and hold the power button on the parent unit until it turns off and then turn it on again by pressing the power button, all the registered cameras have now been deleted. 

7> Now you can teach the cameras to the parent unit again.

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