It's always annoying when the connection gets lost, luckily you can easily find out what the problem is with the steps below.

It is unlikely that the parent unit itself is defective, it is more likely that the unit is disturbed by other factors or that a setting is incorrect.

You can figure this out for yourself by following the steps below:

First, make sure the parents' unit has fully charged batteries and that the baby unit's power adapter is connected.

Make sure that the parents' unit is not located directly next to a source of interference, such as a DECT telephone.

You may now switch on the parent and baby units.

  • Try to reduce the distance between the units. If the connection indicator flashes, the parent unit is searching for the baby unit, once it has been found, the indicator will be lit continuously. If the connection has not been established after 30 seconds, the parent unit will beep 3 times every 10 seconds. 
  • Make sure the unit is not in FULL ECO mode. If the light after switching on the units is first orange and shortly afterwards red, then FULL ECO mode is switched on. You can switch this off by pressing and holding the plus button on the parents' unit for more than 2 seconds. The light will then light up green again.
  • Check whether the sensitivity is set correctly. If it is set to its highest value, the connection will remain open the whole time. If it is set at its lowest, a lot of sound is needed to open the connection.
  • Move the units away from other radiation sources, e.g. a DECT phone or a microwave oven.
  • Try the units in a different location (e.g. another house), to rule out the presence or absence of disturbing factors in your home.

If the above steps did not result in an improvement, and you still have warranty, please submit a repair request via this link. 

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