The baby monitor works with an infrared function. It can sometimes happen that the baby monitor cannot distinguish between day and night due to the overexposure of the infrared on 'an object'. In that case, for example, the baby monitor is aimed too closely at a white blanket or, say, a slat of a cot, or it positions itself too much on a light surface. 

The picture below shows a good example of this. The camera is pointed at a white object/cabinet on the left (see overexposed spot), reflecting infrared. If the camera is pointed a bit more to the right, this problem will be solved.

The (LED) light of night lights can also influence the infrared function of the camera. Therefore, always first try out the night vision of the camera without the night lights on. If the image is good but blurry when the night-light is on, in most cases it helps to move the night-light to a different position in the room.

Therefore, try out different positions. Keep 1/1.5 metre distance from your child. Make sure nothing blocks the image. This way, you can see what happens to the night vision when you try out different positions/aim at something else.

If you have doubts about the functioning of the product and the above tip has not helped, you can register the product for service with your retailer. There is a 2-year warranty on the set from the day of purchase.

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