The VOX function on the DVM-275 / DBV-2700 LUX is designed to conserve energy and maintain quiet. Here's how to set up and understand this feature:

Setting up the VOX function:

  1. Accessing settings:
    • Briefly press the button to open the menu.
    • Use the arrow keys to select 'VOX' and press the OK button.
  2. Adjusting sensitivity:
    • Use the arrow keys to select from three sensitivity levels:
      • 'Off': VOX function is disabled. All sounds from the nursery are transmitted.
      • 'Low': VOX function is enabled with low sensitivity. Only loud sounds like loud crying are transmitted.
      • 'Medium': VOX function is enabled with medium sensitivity. Normal baby crying is transmitted.
      • 'High': VOX function is enabled with high sensitivity. Even soft sounds are transmitted.
    • Press the OK button to confirm your choice.
  3. Closing the menu:
    • Press the button again to exit the menu or wait 10 seconds for it to close automatically.

Operation of the VOX function:

  • Automatic shutdown:
    • About 30 seconds after no sound is detected, the parent unit's sound will automatically turn off, but the video will remain on.
  • Sound detection:
    • When the baby unit detects sound, depending on the set sensitivity, the sound will automatically turn back on, audible through the parent unit.
  • Reactivating video and sound:
    • If the sound is off and you briefly press the button, the video will also turn off. If the baby then cries, both the sound and video will reactivate.
  • Returning to sleep mode:
    • If the baby falls back to sleep and the sound automatically turns off, the video remains on. Briefly press the button if you also want to turn off the video.

The VOX function is particularly useful for nighttime use, allowing parents to be woken only by significant noises, which aids in better sleep.