There is a sticker on the parent unit of the DBX-80 stating; max 14 hours charging. This means that after 14 hours the parent unit has reached its maximum charge. From that moment on, it can be taken out. Of course, it is no problem to charge it for longer than that. Technically, the parent unit cannot be 'overcharged'. This is also indicated in the manual. However, charging for longer than 14 hours is not very useful. The parent unit is already full by then. 

For environmental reasons, we think it is important to mention this on the parents' unit itself. Also because there is a lot of demand for when a parent unit is fully charged. The information in the manual is leading; you can, without any problems, keep the parents-unit longer connected to the adapter. Please be aware that longer charging times (>14 hours) will cause the adapter to use little but 'useless' power.

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