The baby monitor works with a 2.4Ghz frequency. Most wifi's also work with 2.4Ghz, it could be that these two are in each other's way.

You could try disconnecting the modem from the power supply to find out. If the modem/router is switched off, is the connection better? If so, you can disconnect the baby monitor and reconnect it while the modem/router is still disconnected. This way, the baby monitor's frequency will dominate over the modem. After disconnecting and reconnecting the baby monitor (see manual), you can plug the modem/router back into the power point.

Tip: If you are going to carry out these steps, make sure that the baby unit is in the child's room and the parents' unit in the place where you will be using it most frequently. It is best to do this with two people: one person in the children's room and one person in the room of the parents' unit. This way, you can install it perfectly straight away.

In short: first disconnect the modem/router, then (each at his/her own location) disconnect the units, and then (re)connect them. 

Hopefully this will help and the problem will be solved.

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