It's always annoying when the batteries run out quickly, fortunately the steps below make it easy to find out what's wrong.

It is unlikely that the parent unit itself is defective, it is more likely that there is something wrong with one of the components.

You can figure this out for yourself by following the steps below:

First, make sure that the adapter is not connected.

Then open the cover on the back of the parents' unit.

Check whether the contact points which make contact with the batteries on the parent unit are touching the batteries properly.

If this is not the case or if you are unsure, remove the batteries and use a small flat screwdriver to bend the contacts a little so that they make better contact with the battery when inserted.

Make sure the batteries are inserted, close the battery cover and connect the adapter.

You may now switch on the parent unit.

Are the batteries charging? You can check this with the battery light on the unit.

If the light does not come on, there may be a defect in the power adapter. 

When you move the adapter connector up and down and you see the charging lamp light up and then go out again, the adapter connector inside the parent unit is probably defective. For this, the DBX-57 needs to be sent for repair via the repair form.

If you see the charging lamp turn on, the adapter is fine, but unfortunately something is wrong with the batteries. 

In many cases we have the parts in stock so we can help you.

When your warranty runs out, it is possible to purchase spare parts through our website.