It is always annoying when your baby monitor does not function as it should.

In all likelihood, nothing is broken, but the unit is not correctly set.

How to set the unit correctly is described below.

You can set the sensitivity for when the baby unit passes on the sound to the parent unit. 

On the back of the baby unit is a turning knob, with which you can set the sensitivity. 

Setting A is the most insensitive (the sound only switches on when there are very loud noises), and setting H the most sensitive (the parent unit will constantly be in contact with the baby unit). 

Please note that the higher the sensitivity, the more power the baby unit consumes.

This means that the parent unit will last shorter on the battery at a higher sensitivity.

If the above does not offer a solution and your set is still under guarantee, you can report it here for repair.

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Please make sure that you describe the complaint as clearly as possible, so that our technicians know what to look for when they check your baby monitor. 

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Please make sure to clearly state the complaint so that we can help you properly.